As part of the Brighton and Hove ‘New Homes for Neighbourhoods’ competition PDP Architecture was invited to produce four feasibility studies for, four sites in the Brighton and Hove area. All four sites were located on parcels of unused land, sandwiched between existing houses, garages and gardens. It was hoped that by filling these small sites the county’s social housing stock could increase whilst not eating into valuable ’Green Belt’ land.

With each site presenting its own challenges and restrictions it was not possible to produce a methodology which covered all four proposals, therefore a different approach was required for each study.

Natal Road was the smallest of the sites put forward by Brighton and Hove as part of the ‘New Homes for Neighbourhoods’ competition. We felt any more than one dwelling would over develop the site and therefore a single three bedroom dwelling was devised.

With a simple geometric form it was hoped that this well detailed dwelling would make up for the lack of quantity on the site. Like ‘Rotherfield Crescent’ a strong façade would wrap itself up and over the dwelling giving the sense of security in its small plot.