This nursing home is a benefit to the local community by providing much needed nursing home beds for its elderly residents and by providing local employment. The scheme has been carefully designed and orientated to provide the nursing home with a secure south facing landscaped garden. The secluded tree screened eastern part of the site provides the ideal quiet environment which is desirable to the residents. Residents can enjoy sunshine in the garden and from within the communal lounges and will also gain from an attractive outlook onto the garden.

The 86 bed nursing home with its generous communal lounges and other modern facilities fits neatly onto the site, leaving plenty of room for the garden and for ample car and cycle parking, including a delivery area. Being a nursing home, the building has been designed to a domestic scale that will provide a familiar home for its elderly residents, with brickwork, render, domestic windows and French doors, visible downpipes and rainwater hoppers etc. In order to ensure that it is in keeping with the surrounding area, the massing of the building has been kept to three storeys.

The scheme was designed in conjunction with Southern Cross, who have considerable experience in the operation of nursing and care homes and aims to exceed Care Standard Regulations. The building has been designed to provide the neighbourhood with a modern, light, airy, clean and homely new nursing home, within easy distance for relatives to visit.