This project is a mixed residential development designed to the German Passivhaus criteria. The Passivhaus concept is a comprehensive approach to cost-efficient, high-quality, simple, healthy and sustainable construction. Passivhaus dwellings typically achieve an energy saving of 90% compared to existing housing. The development has a total of 49 units comprising of 36 flats, 10 houses and 3 bungalows. Blocks A-D are designed to meet passivhaus accreditation, with block E being designed to meet code 4. Blocks A-D are orientated within 30 degrees of due south to allow for maximum passive solar gain. The blocks are positioned around the central green walkway, which will be landscaped to encourage wild life and pedestrian movement through the site. This walkway will provide seating areas and a sensory garden for local residents to enjoy. The residents themselves will further benefit from communal allotments. Parking has been allocated away from the green walkway to reduce noise and to retain the feel of an urban park.