pdp architecture llp has submitted a reserved matters planning application for 17 affordable rent dwellings for Waverley Borough Council, comprising of 1no. 1 bed 2 person flat, 1no. 2 bed 4 person flat, 11no. 2 bed 4 person houses and 4no. 3 bed 5 person houses.

Following Waverley Borough Council gaining outline planning approval for the redevelopment of several sites in the area, pdp were commissioned to work up Site B. Our design rationale took on a contemporary approach whilst utilising traditional materials and forms. The scale of the dwellings had to be sympathetic to the surrounding chalet style properties, which informed our eaves height of one and a half storeys. To keep the ridge heights down we have proposed gable fronting dwellings which allow for principle habitable windows on the front and rear of the proposed whilst also contributing to reducing any potential overlooking of neighbouring properties.

The buildings have been clad in a mixture of facing brick and black timber effect cladding. The facing brick colours range from a multi red, a lighter contrasting multi red and buff brick. This grants each plot a unique identity. Extruding brick detailing further breaks up the elevations and creates an attractive visual interest. Contrasting properties have the ground floor clad in brick with the first floor clad in black timber effect weatherboarding. The brick colour is co-ordinated with that of the style mentioned above, as well as grey brick on some plots to complement the black weatherboarding and to create further unique identity on individual plots. The timber effect weatherboarding is akin to that of the approved schemes for Area A and D but used in vertical format rather than horizontal.