A scheme for six residential units, comprising of four traditional terrace houses and two contemporary houses located on the water’s edge within the conservation area of Emsworth. This site was particularly challenging due to the existing site constraints, these included the site being located within the conservation area, within flood zone three and being surrounded by three listed buildings. The proposals were carefully designed to respond to the various constraints whilst also creating a unique scheme. As part of the proposals a wider flood defence scheme has been designed to protect not only the new proposed dwellings but also this section of Emsworth from the frequent flooding it currently experiences.

The four houses facing onto Queen Street have been designed in a traditional way. We have been conscious to take reference from the local characteristics of the surrounding area in terms of materials, detailing, proportions and hierarchy of windows. The house next to the Listed Lord Raglan PH has been designed with flint work with red brick detailing, timber sash windows and a hipped clay roof with lead clad dormers. This house was designed taking in characteristics of the Listed Lord Raglan Pub. The next two houses have been designed with red stock facing brick, red brick detailing, timber sash windows and a hipped clay roof. These were designed taking in characteristics of the Listed Flour Mill and other surrounding residential dwellings. The end house has been designed with render, rendered expressed detailing, red stock facing brick and a hipped clay roof. This dwelling has been turned to face up Queen Street to address the Quay side edge. They have been elevated to create a stepped street scene, with dormers windows in the houses closest to the Lord Raglan Pub to create a better relationship with the existing and proposed ridge lines, and a hierarchy of windows in the next houses to reflect this traditional relationship that is frequently seen throughout Emsworth and is used in the opposite Listed Heritage Buildings, whilst sub-dividing the elevation to create individual neighbouring character that reflects the urban growth of the core of Emsworth.

The two bespoke houses facing the Mill Pond have been designed in a contemporary style. The materials chosen are of a traditional nature that reflect the industrial use of the existing boat yard. They have been designed to reflect an industrial shed but utilised in a modern way to create a striking contrast against the neighbouring listed buildings. The proposed materials are a wrapping metal facade, with timber cladding features, grey facing brick, grey windows and glass balconies with stainless steel handrails. Anti-glare and solar glass will be used on south facing windows to reduce any glare and avoid overheating. Plot one has further addressed the Quay side edge with a unique wrapping window. The rear of the bespoke houses have been sensitively designed so that no overlooking will occur with the amenity space of the proposed traditional houses, with windows mainly for en-suites and kitchens which can be frosted and a feature window for the stairwells.