PDP were asked to perform feasibility studies for a number of sites in Crawley for Raven Housing Trust to provide temporary accommodation for single people, couples or small families.
Once these feasibilities were assessed, three sites were identified to be developed further, of which one was on the corner of Denne Road. Housing two Victorian semi-detached dwellings the site was in need of redevelopment on a corner site. Site restrictions included existing residential properties on two boundaries and a railway line beyond the highway on a third boundary.
The design solution was to address the corner of the site with a three storey element giving a focal point to the scheme. This dropped down to two storeys with pitched roof elements which linked in massing and scale to the neighbouring properties.

During public consultation issues with the location of amenity space and refuse stores were raised by neighbours and these were addressed before submitting the planning application. The scheme was granted planning approval in 2011 and was completed on site in 2013.

The design references the brick and render materials of the location whilst being carried out in a contemporary style to form a modern block which fits into, and adds to, the existing street scene.